5 Simple Tricks to Make Your Dorm Room a Little More Cozy



A potted plant will make your jail cell-sorry, your dorm, look a little cozier and a will offset those hard brick walls (or cork-board if you’re really unlucky).


If your dorm room is anything like mine was you’re going to get a small closet space without any doors so the phrase ‘airing your dirty laundry in public’ is going to take a literal meaning for you. A quick fix is to buy a pretty shower curtain and a cheap curtain rod and make your own little closet door. One benefit of this trick is that it will make your room look a lot more organized and less cluttered.




Lofting your bed frees up a ton of space and most dorm beds already come with the ability to be raised and lowered. With the extra space you can make a little reading nook or just use the space for extra storage (or if you’re like my roommate you can make it a snack center). If you need more height on your bed you can purchase a bed lift set here that even comes with usb ports and an outlets.


overhead-tapestry-light-bed                                          source

Take a big tapestry and tack it to your ceiling to get the vibes of a having a luxurious canopy bed, and if you really want to make it cozy add white string lights as pictured.


polli_lamp                                         source

Lamps are a must for dorm rooms. the ceiling lighting is probably going to be super harsh, basically like high school classroom lights. Also, if your school has gone green like mine was then your ceiling lights are going to be on a set timer and will randomly turn off on you if you don’t dance around your room every 10 minutes, which really isn’t fun if you’re trying to study or doing homework. Lamps give off softer lighting and you can actually control when you want them off.

Title image source



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