5 Things You Should Actually Go to the Dollar Tree for

Unlike other dollar stores, at the Dollar Tree EVERYTHING is $1. If you have one near you that you’ve never gone to you will wish you have! Seriously, just  look what they’ve got!


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Gift bags! Honestly, the Dollar Tree is my go to place for any party supplies but especially gift bags. They have any kind of bag you can think of for every occasion, and of course, they have gift bags for wine. They’re good quality too and have different sizes and shapes. My favorite was a gift bag in the shape of puppies hanging out of a basket, seriously the cutest thing ever.


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Makeup is another thing you’ll want to specifically head to the Dollar Tree for. I have that last eye shadow palate and I use it every day! They also have really good brushes and sponges. You’ll be able to experiment with different colors and types of makeup without worrying about the price which is awesome.


Capture74 source

Office and school supplies. They have all the popular brands like Crayola and Papermate among some generic brands. If you’re one of those people that gets off on office supplies than you’re welcome because you will go insane once you see everything you can get for JUST A DOLLAR!


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Kid’s toys and puzzles. They have a giant aisle dedicated just to kid’s toys. If you want to make a child’s day bring them there and tell them to go nuts because you know you can afford it my savvy shopper.


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Toothbrushes and flossers. You know you’re supposed to replace your toothbrush every 6 months so stop throwing away your money and buy them at the Dollar Tree! They have really cute ones for kids like Barbie and Spiderman. They also have flossers which you wont feel bad about not using since they were just $1.

Now that I have shown you the light, get out there and shop your pants off!

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