Gloucester Islands: Where to Go

Gloucester is the place to go if you are in the business of island hopping. Located off the tip of Cape Ann, the island includes parts of Gloucester (where i live) and another municipality called Rockport. Whats really fun about this place is that there are a couple, ‘mini islands’ I guess you could call them, all around the major island. These places are really amazing to kayak or paddle board around. Whats even better is there are a bunch of places where you can rent kayaks, paddle boards, and even paddle boats, for pretty cheap. I’ve done your research for you and have given my personal ratings on the best islands around.


nkjnkjnkBy Tim Pierce – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Thacher Island is located in Rockport and can be seen from Bearskin Neck (another must-see). This is an island for the more adventurous type because it is a little further out to sea than most of the other islands on this list. The lighthouses are known as the ‘twin lights’.

Rating: B+ has cool lighthouses but is in Rockport – Gloucester rules!!



Salt Island is located off of Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester and is pretty close to shore. What’s unique about Salt Island is that at low tide a small path is exposed and you can walk right up to it!

Rating: A– for good accessibility but gave me poison ivy last summer



Ten pound island is located in Gloucester Harbor and is my favorite place to paddle board to. It also has a little beach on it where you can take a break and feel like the owner of your own private island.

Rating: A++ has the added thrill of a haunted lighthouse.


the-strawberry-moon-rising-over-good-harbor-beach-gloucester-ma-island-toby-mcguire                                     source

Easter Island is located at the end of Long Beach in Rockport. It’s easy to get to and is a nice mini hike. Has lots of nice flat places to sit on and watch the waves crash on the rocks.

Rating: A– it is right down the street from an ice-cream store but again, its in Rockport

There are a few more islands around Gloucester but these are the cream of the crop; so the next time you’re in town grab your kayak and hit up one of these hot spots.

Title image source



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