Tips for Keeping Your Pup Safe in the Summer Heat

Although the summer is winding down to an end we are still experiencing extremely hot weather, with some places ranging into the triple digits. It’s important to keep an extra eye on our furry family-members since they are unable to communicate with us when they are uncomfortable. Here are a few tips to make sure your dog is having a safe and healthy summer.

Latta-Portrait source
  • Paws: Paws are a good temperature gauge for a dog. What people don’t realize is that paws are not the same as shoes, they are sensitive and susceptible to the same discomforts human feet are. If the pavement is too hot for your bare feet, chances are it is too hot for Fido’s feet as well.

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  • Panting: Dogs cannot sweat so instead they pant. Dogs can pant for many reasons, excitement, heat, exhaustion, etc.. If your dog appears to be panting excessively it may be time to cool them down and give them a nice big bowl of water.


  • Shade: No animal should be stuck out in the hot sun without any escape from those bright rays. If you are going to keep your dog out in the yard, even for a short amount of time, there needs to be some kind of shelter that they can comfortably sit beneath to cool off in the shade. Do not leave a dog in direct sunlight for any extended period of time or they will likely overheat.


  • Dehydration: An easy test to determine if your pooch is dehydrated is to take a hold of the scruff of the neck, lift slightly, and then let go; if the skin returns to its natural place right away than the dog is hydrated, if it slowly flattens back into place than the dog is dehydrated. Regardless, dogs should always have access to clean water throughout the day.


  • Cars: The BIG one- do not leave animals in cars on hot days. Temperatures can rise drastically inside locked cars up to the extremes. If you wouldn’t leave a toddler in it, don’t leave a helpless animal in it.

Follow these simple tips and enjoy the rest of your summer! Before winter temperatures hit I will add a similar article on how to keep your dog happy and healthy in the colder months, so keep an eye out!


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