10 Castles to add to your Travel-Bucket-list


schloss_mespelbrunn_by_jendryndv-d3jq7wf   source

Mespelbrunn Castle, Bavaria, is often described as a romantic castle surrounded by a moat and is a short car ride away from Frankfurt. Learn more about when it is open and how to visit here.



Blarney Castle in Ireland is a popular hot spot for travelers. Of course you have the famous Blarney Stone to kiss, but you also have beautiful grounds and a flower garden. Learn more here.


2007-02-19_025-00013            source

Nilov Monastery on Stolobny Island, Russia, boasts impressive architecture and lots of history. Learn more here.



Himeji Castle, located in Japan, has a long history and was once the home of samurai. Himeji Castle is a popular destination and a tourist-friendly site. Get more info here.



Hammond Castle, Gloucester, MA, was built in 1926 by Dr. Hammond as a gift to his wife. It is now a museum filled with Dr. Hammond’s roman, medieval and renaissance artifacts. Learn more about Hammond Castle here.



Schwerin Castle, Germany, includes 653 rooms and even a throne room. Learn more here.



The Potala Palace, Tibet, was the winter palace of the Dalai Lama since the 7th century. It is a symbol of Tibetan Buddhism and is built at a very high altitude. Get more info here.



Corvin Castle, Romania, is a Gothic-style castle also known as Hunyad Castle. What makes this castle unique is that some reports say that Vlad the Impaler, better known as Dracula, was imprisoned here. Learn more about the castle and the legend here.


mont2   source

The Mont Saint Michael is built on an island in Normandy Bay, France by a bishop who claims the archangel Michael himself requested the castle be built. Learn more about the unique castle-monastery here.


miramare-castle          source

Miramar Castle, Italy, is a mix of architectural styles that gives this castle a fairy-tale air. Learn more here.


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