26 Things to add to your Fall Bucket List


tumblr_obn6fl0Ihn1u4tvlro1_500 source

  1. Go to a bonfire


tumblr_nu2zj5byZG1timsi4o1_500 source

2. Drink apple cider


8930245-large source

3. Go to a fall fair


tumblr_ntd0q5wkVA1siglmho1_500 source

4. Pick a pumpkin from a pumpkin patch


tumblr_oc3gizpiF61th8un6o1_500 source

5. Buy a comfy fall sweater


tumblr_oc64gkw6y31s69guao1_1280 source

6. Go to a haunted house


tumblr_nt9apuRjj51timsi4o1_500 source

7. Eat candy corn


tumblr_o32wesk0Te1qjouuqo1_500 source

8. Watch Hocus Pocus


red_autumn_by_sylverface-d6rihq6 source

9. Take a walk in the woods to see the fall colors


tumblr_mbbvze1TKf1rg5djeo1_500 source

10. Have a pumpkin spice latte


tumblr_m9qvt6N6wW1qh7dtpo1_500 source

11. Get a dozen of Dunkin Donuts spooky inspired donuts


tumblr_n9qqnf3qO71qc8y76o1_500 source

12. Go apple picking


tumblr_ndnf34ICzd1szveoxo1_500 source

13. Go to a corn maze


hayride source

14. Go on a horse-drawn hay bale ride



15. Go to your local high school football game


tumblr_ncx35i3yjd1twzqm0o1_500 source

16. Pet a black cat


tumblr_oc8pjg9TW11timsi4o1_500 source

17. Bake a pumpkin pie


tumblr_nv5q1q4axL1timsi4o1_500 source

18. Eat a candy apple


tumblr_ns3xirnZid1uqec6zo1_400 source

19. Have a vampire movie marathon


tumblr_nu2yqgbXjU1timsi4o1_500 source

20. Carve a pumpkin


stm5239da0bc318f20130918 souce

21. Take a train ride


tumblr_o9890ySH711ssqam8o1_500 source

22. Take a day-trip to your closest big-city


tumblr_mt0j79FA2L1shv7t4o1_1280 source

23. Make Pillsbury Halloween cookies or make your own


tumblr_o9vgrp5dWM1shc1wyo1_500 source

24. Bring your favorite book to a cozy cafe and read it with a nice hot drink

179292-de-stranger-things-na-1-temporada-s-diapo-2 source

25. Binge watch Stranger Things on Netflix


F179061F_full source

26. Top everything off by taking the kids trick ‘r treating or going to a Halloween party



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