10 Caves to Visit on Your Next Adventure

tumblr_lujgdcXDos1qaoy5no1_500 source

  1. The Puerto-Princesa Subterranean River, is a 8.2Km underground river located in Palawan, Philippines. You can take river tours through the unique cave systems which connect to the sea. Learn more here.


2. The ice caves in Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia. The inside of this cave system resembles a kaleidoscope due to the sunlight reflecting off of the uneven ice surfaces. The underground river is responsible for forming the ice caves by melting the surrounding glacier. Want to know more? Click here.


3. The Waitomo Caves in New Zealand.These caves are a unique and magical place to visit. The fairy tale-like lights are caused by a species of glow worm that is only found in Australia and New Zealand. Get more info here.

restaurant-inside-a-cave-cavern-itlay-grotta-palazzese source

4. The Hotel Ristorante Grotta Palazzese, southern Italy. If your day of cave exploration works up an appetite, satisfy it at this seaside restaurant located in a cave itself! Learn more here.


5. The Melissani Cave, Greece. The Melissani cave was created by water erosion which formed giant caverns like the one pictured. The underground lake was soon discovered and is the site of mythology of the nymph Melissani, who was said to have fallen in the lake. The lake can be reached through and underground tunnel and is open to visitors who want a guided experience. To find out more, visit here.


6. The Škocjan Caves, Slovenia. This enormous cave system contains one of the world’s largest underground river canyons. The Škocjan Caves are home to many unique species and is definitely worth a visit. Get more info here.


7. The Batu Caves, Malaysia. This cave system, just north of Kuala Lumpur, is the home of a beautiful Hindu temple and you may even see a few monkeys while you’re there. A very popular spot for travelers, this unique cave will give you a never-ending plethora of places to explore. Click here to learn more.


8. Fingal’s Cave, United Kingdom. The unique rock-shape of this seaside cave is due to the the hexagonal formation of the basalt. The cave is the center of many Celtic legends, including one about giants! Get more info here.


9. The Cave of Three Bridges, Lebanon. This cave is home to the Baatara Gorge Waterfall which flows through the Three Bridges Chasm. This amazing sight is caused by melting ice from Mount Lebanon that floods over the cliffs. Visit here to learn more.


10. Sea Lion Caves, Oregon. Like the name suggests, this cave is unique for the fact that it is the home of a colony of sea lions, which can be seen snoozing on the rocks in the above picture. This cave is a prime spot for animal lovers and is very easy to get to. Get more info on Sea Lion Caves here.




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