Awesome Camping Gear to Grab Before Your Next Trip

master KPO007

  1. A hammock chair you can hitch up to the back of your truck. Get it for $117.95 here.



2. The Coolest Cooler features a built in blender, a blue tooth speaker, a usb port, and a bunch more accessories. Get it for $399.99 here.



3. The Dawson Picnic table is a space saving option that can still fit the whole family.Its lightweight, durable and compact, making it a perfect option for camping. Get it here for 139,95 €.



4. Stay caffeinated with the REI Table Top French coffee press. It is easy to clean and can keep coffee warm for up to 4 hours. Pick it up here for $44.95.



5. This compact 2 Person Bunk Bed than can be transformed into a  couch during the day time. Get it for $329.99 here.



6. This space-saving portable cooking surface that can instantly turn any campfire into a grill. Get it here for $49.99



7. This inflatable table/chair combo that can fit 6 people called a DoNuts. It includes and electric pump for fast inflation and comes in weatherproof fabric. The only drawback is it’s on the pricier side (€2.268,75) but you are paying for a high quality product that wont give out on you. Get it here.



8. The Scrubba Portable Washing bag allows you to easily wash clothes by inserting them in the bag along with water and detergent and rubbing them against the inside washing board. No need for over packing clothes when you can wash them instead. Get it here for $49.95.



9. This NanoGrid light system that can illuminate your whole campsite while also charging your devices. Get it here for $77.99.



10. This mini Jet Boil system to quickly boil water for cooking pasta or making coffee. Get it here for $99.88.



11. For the campers on the go this Bikamper is a great option. Get it here on sale now for $287.00.



12. This portable IcyBreeze air conditioner will keep your tent cool and is battery powered. Get it here for $349.99.



13. This GoPole Dualcharge USB power bank and solar charger allows you to keep your devices charged so you never have to worry about being without a phone or laptop. Get it here for $39.99.


14. These simple wine glass clamps can attach to your camping gear so you can be the classiest campsite out there. Get them here for 3.99.



15. This Tentsile Stingray tree tent lets you make camp in more interesting places. Get it here for $650.00



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