Gloucester, MA: America’s Oldest Seaport

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Gloucester, MA is a beautiful seaport off of the tip of Cape Ann. I am very lucky to call this place my home and would love to share it with everyone. Gloucester is an old city and has a rich history and many unique traditions. If you’re looking for a unique place to travel or just love the ocean then keep reading!

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The Fisherman’s Statue: ‘They That Go Down To The Sea In Ships’. Dedicated to fishermen who have lost their lives at sea. This statue is located on the boulevard in Gloucester Harbor.


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The greasy pole competition is an annual contest done every year during St. Peter’s Fiesta in Gloucester. This is a tradition brought over by families from Terrasini, Italy.


Locals walk the greasy pole and try to capture the flag at the end of the pole.


Gloucester has many companies that offer whale watches. They guarantee sightings and offer you a chance to get on a comfortable-sized boat and explore the beautiful waters off the coast of Gloucester.

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There is no shortage of lighthouses in Gloucester and the Eastern Point Lighthouse is a beautiful example of what we have to offer. Near the lighthouse is a breakwater that you can walk out into the harbor on, which is an incredible experience.

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Here is an aerial view of the lighthouse which includes the breakwater.

img_1098 photo credit: Carylanne Aiello

Good Harbor beach is one of the most popular places in Gloucester. It’s a beautiful beach with an island close to shore that you can walk to during low tide. It’s adjacent to a marsh, and has many sand dunes. Those dunes create a safe environment for many creatures, included some endangered wildlife.

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st-peters-fiesta-from-ferris-wheel-c2a9-kim-smith-2011-copy source

St. Peter’s Fiesta is a week long event which is usually the last week in June. It offers a carnival, parade, marathon, food, culture, tradition, the greasy pole contest, seine boat contests, and much more. Gloucester has a rich Italian culture and St. Peter’s Fiesta is just one example.

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Maine Street in Gloucester is home to some of the coziest cafes and unique shops run by locals. When you visit you have to stop by The Pleasant Street Tea Co and grab a raspberry hot chocolate.

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The back shore is a beautiful strip of road along Gloucester’s coastline that makes for a great drive or walk. Here you will see more active waters and bigger waves so its not good for swimming but is great for photos or sight seeing.

Keep an eye out for new posts on Gloucester as I go out and get some pictures of my own!



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